RULES AND REGULATIONS (When you register you automatically agree on the following):

Payment needs to be done as soon as your registration is confirmed.
You will not be guaranteed your spot until your payment is registered.

Always remember to bring your own matt and towel.

It is recommended not to show up more than 5 minutes prior to your booking. And if possible make sure to have changed to your work out clothes.

It is not allowed to bring friends or family to the studio if it is not approved upon.

If you have symptoms of any kind. A cold, flu or Covid symptoms please be responsible and do not attend class.

Make sure to always wear regular socks or Pilates Toe Socks in class.

If you miss a class you will not be able to get a refund or assume to be given another class.
You can off course ask to be informed if there is an opening that will give you the opportunity to take a compensation class if possible.

Payment always needs to be registered before starting your class or your program. Please note that there are no refunds and no exceptions however if you find a second party (who are approved by the instructor) who wants to buy your spot, you can pass on your classes to that second party.